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Frame 2D
Draw 3D

Application part, based on platform core, consists of  modules. There is possibility dynamicaly insert to application 'Main Frame' single (not the new only) modules, without necessity of another parts compiling (core and modules), after this manner an easy configuration by user requests is assuranced. Single modules can be shared by several users.

Application contents following modules :

  • 2D Frameworks - frame structures, columns, beams, continuous beams, truss in plane (finite element analysis supports arbitrary material and cross-section, reinforcement design by ČSN 73 1201)
  • Plate structures - finite element analysis supports free material, reinforcement design by ČSN 73 1201
  • 3D representation - 3D representation, drawing of  simple 3D entities

Following modules are in preparation:

  • Foundations - simple foundations, continuous foundations, geotechnic calculations
  • Reinforcement design by EC
  • Grill structures
  • Plane documentation - for plate and frame structures



Module is separate logical unit, dynamicly added to application, that executes integrated functionality. The logical part can offer functionality part for another modules. System created by the this way, that is developed and offer complex solutions .

Modules have own file extension and it is located in modules folder. Modules exploit platform core services and content exact defined interface for communication with environment. Modules are dynamicaly loaded and registered in time of application start. Each module checks a conditions (rights, computer configuration etc.) in time of  start. Module is not registered in case of error, it will floor its further usage.


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