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Module contains inputs inserting, finite element generation, calculation and reinforcement design for plate for arbitrary geometrical shape. Settings can be realized separately or by combination of dialogs (geometry by text values) and grafical (by mouse) in cooperation with property dialog for values.

For way of inputs insertion see general inputs insertion styles.

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Module offers Wizard for most frequent in practice used shapes of geometry (rectangle, circular, ...) or general geometry with inserted wholes of arbitrary shape. Finite elements are generated to geometry automaticaly or on request before calculation. User can changes characteristics of generated elements (largeness, shape ...) by requirement. Generator supports rectangular, rectangular triangler and general triangle elements. User can represents and changes generated elements (delete, divide ...). After this manner user has possibility to creates a finite element mesh by him requests, or user can deletes all elements and create a mesh again.

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Structure support can be realized by two ways - support of already generated nodes for FEA or definition of  line or point supports before running of generator (simple method for column or beam under plate is supported). The most frequent kind of supports are default.

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Loading of structure can be defined by load cases. Each case containes several loads (loading by force, moment, dead weight ...). User can define load combinations, that consist of single load cases. Each combination set contains load cases and correspond factors. Result combination values (deformations, forces, moments) are assigned from result load case values (for linear analysis directly in FEA-module). If the structure is supported by "Winkler" foot, load cases are combined before FEA and structure is calculated separately for each load combinaton.

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User chooses representation form for input values, results of FEA calculation and for results of reinforcement design . Input values can be represented in table-text or graphical form with using of filters for single part representation (display or not display load cases, numbers of nodes, elements, ...). Result values can be represented in text or graphical form too; graphical representation have three possible forms : contours, constant element filling and rastering. Result document, asked look with adding of own graphical entities (logo, describtion ...) , can be composed from single representations using output document. 
For generator describtion see platform core.

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Module for plate structures allows support a structure by "Winkler" support. Plate can be supported under whole area or under user defined part of area.. Calculation takes little more time, because program tries to find a areas (in iteration loops), where is not contact between plate and support (e.g. in case of eccentric loads).



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