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2D reinforcement design (N, My) is implemented in application by ČSN 73 1201.

Application allows to design two rows of reinforcement (As1, As2) to cross-section composed from n rectanular concrete parts (e.g. rectange, T cross-section, I-cross-section, ...) as well as uniform reinforcement to circular  cross-section (column). Methodology by [1] was used for derivation, where one rectangle was replaced to n rectangles. Influence of one rectangle on two equation system was  replaced to sumation formulas for n rectangles. Design is optimized on speed for pure bending (plates, continuous beams).

Interaction diagram is used for cross-section appraisal, it is applicated for m reinforcement rows. If the reinforcement designed by methodology described thereinbefore is unfit, the reinforcement is designed in second round by incrementing As1, As2 and appraised by interaction diagram (design by interaction diagram appraisal).

Inputs describtion:

  • geometry - n dimensions b, h of cross-section rectangular parts
  • concrete is taken by values: Eb, γb, Rbd, Rbtd
  • reinforcement is taken by locations, factors γs and types (E, J, V, R) or directly by characteristics Rsd, Rscd, Es
  • N, My pairs can be applied for  k cross-sections and l combinations

Interaction diagram is output besides minimal reinforcement areas:


[1] Ballo - Havránek - Holub - Pirháč: Betónové konštrukcie, 1. časť, SvF STU Bratislava, 1993.


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