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TriLogia application platform is a core of system and is programed in C++ using MFC library. It is divided to two basic parts:

Modules are built  over basic parts and comunicate with them. Basic parts provide to modules necessary functionality. 'Main Frame' is platform component for application, therefore single parts look jointly and have same behavior.

Basic platform architecture:

wpe5.gif (8111 bytes)

The parts compose application, that is able create and edit a projects,  positions, basic structural elements (material, cross-sections ...) and simple 2D drawing. Applications enable printing of document, that consist of these elements.

General administration and 2D representation

Core of system and representation 2D are components of the part and contain functionality for application creation, project and positions administration, basic structural elements for modules and single parts (basic data and graphic classes ...), basic elements for user interface, catalogs administration, attributes administration etc.

Support of civil engineering modules

Static 2D, FEM and Reinforcement are components of the part and contain functionality for statical and building modules and parts, contain definitions of materials , cross-sections, fonite element analysis and reinforcement design by ČSN 73 1201.


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