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Welcome at TriLogia home page. Thank's for visitation of our home page. We offer Slovak version AG00100_1.gif (1722 bytes) for person concerned.

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Short history

We was and we are dealing with development of CAE and CAD applications eventually cooperation with Autodesk products. We reflected that a lot of  the systems have a rusty user interface or the products are too "powerfull" for most of customers (hardware requirement and software price). Many users do not need to use all graphical functions provided by strong CAD applications. We used our expiriencies and knowledges of strong and low points of these systems for  TriLogy development. Therefore arise application platform with simple handling, simply configurable by user requirements with modern view, that saturate blank space between "input-dialogs" programs for structural calculations and strong CAD systems.

TriLogia v. 1.0

TriLogia is platform for CAE applications development. Product is developed for Windows 95/NT, that certain portability to all hardware platforms, mainly supported Windows NT. TriLogia is programed in C++, based on MFC library. Choice of program language and library brought advantages of object oriented design (expansibility, limpidity) and light portability to another compilers. Special care was devoted to minimalization of  hardware requirements  and for easement of work with creation and plan documentation editing.

Design of developed applications based on platform satisfy requests for mark 'Designed for Microsoft Windows NT® and Windows® 95' (for more informations see

Platform is modular designed i.e. single moduls are independent units, comunicated by standard interface among themselves and ambient environment. The property allows light design of different logical moduls, that are able work separately or if it is necessary create a unit for execution of complex middle large projects .

Platform uses DAO for data writing to relational database. Platform uses driver for Microsoft Access with locking possibility and with users definition. Nowadays we prepare version based on own object-oriented database  that is built on client-server architecture.

Object-oriented FEM is component of platform. At present time FEM contains possibility calculte plate and 2D frame structures. After FEM calculation is to paltform connected  design of concrete cross-sections, at the moment by ČSN-standard. We prepare adding of national or european standards.

Platform is feed in slovak and english version. Another language version are available on demand in short time.

All sources are comented for Autoduck©, that allow light help files maintenance and fast regeneration for platform core a moduls.

What's New


The following is a list of recent additions to our web. Whenever we publish a paper, write a specification, submit a status report, or add anything else to our web, we'll put a notice here. Every month we'll remove the oldest items. The most recent changes are listed first, and each item is linked to the page with the updated content.

For person interested in following development we offer work schedule.

June 99

  • Development of  TriLogia v1.1
  • Line up to own object-oriented database TOODE built as client-server architecture.
  • Development of new modules and new functionality for modules from v1.0.

June 98

  • Presentation of  TriLogia v1.0 - Alfa
  • Distribution to the first customers

June 97

  • Start of development
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TriLogia is dealing with development of programes and libraries in area of  CAE and CAD. We are oriented mainly in civil engineering, although our products find usage in another areas for robustness, modularity and object design. Our product will spare you hundreds of routine works hours. TriLogia is prepared by Members of team.

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